Reconstruction of Wynnum Creek Railway Bridge

Contract Value: $2.3M

The Wynnum Creek Railway Bridge, at Colina St Wynnum, was reconstructed as part of Queensland Rail’s Timber Bridge Replacement Program. The existing bridge was a 9 span timber bridge with a 2 span post-tensioned concrete bridge. This was replaced with a 2 span post tensioned concrete bridge which had to be constructed adjacent to the existing structure to enable continual operation of the train services along the Cleveland line. 

Once the new bridge was completed, the old bridge was demolished and the two new spans were pulled along sliding tracks and into their final position. This was completed over a long weekend with significant co-ordination with Queensland Rail who carried out the earthworks and trackworks to complete the bridge once the bridge spans were in position. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Construction of new 2 span (each 25m long) post tensioned concrete bridge, including earthworks, demolition works, roadworks, landscaping and reinstatement works. 
  • New bridge constructed adjacent existing timber bridge and pulled into position during long weekend closure of rail line using 2 no 100t stressing jacks. Each span was moved a total of 15m. Bridge spans were supported on pot bearings with a Teflon base that was allowed to slide along stainless steel sliding tracks. 
  • Significant temporary works required to support the new bridge in its temporary location
  • Temporary structure – 23 x 400 square piles driven to support foundation of 3 temporary concrete piers / abutments. Temporary piers were demolished once bridge had moved to final position. 
  • Permanent structure was construction beneath the existing timber bridge, consisted of 8 x 1200 dia and 2 x no 1500 dia permanently lined bored piles to support 3 reinforced concrete piers. 
  • Permanent structure was transversely and longitudinally post-tensioned. 
  • Project was located close to live, high voltage lines, as well as overhead rail power lines and live rail traffic. No lost time injuries or incidents incurred on the project.
  • A section of Colina St was closed to traffic throughout the works to allow construction to be completed. Traffic diverted through nearby streets with minimal disruption to motorists