Centenary Link Alliance

Alliance Contracting Entity: JF Hull Holdings and Bielby Holdings Joint Venture

Contract Value: $39M

The project consisted of design and construction of Centenary Link between Ipswich Motorway and Garden Road at Richlands, for the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). A four lane dual carriageway (plus localised widening where necessary and future provision for six lanes by widening into the median) and a four lane (plus turning and bicycle lanes) overpass off the Centenary Highway at Boundary Road, and a south bound off ramp from Centenary Highway to Kelliher Road and northbound on-ramp to the Centenary Highway from Boundary Rd via a local access road. 

The project was delayed for 10 months while Queensland Rail and TMR carried out a preliminary planning study for the upgrade of Ipswich Motorway and future rail provisions. This resulted in a significant variation to the original scope for the provision of future rail along the alignment and the subsequent grade lines and impact loading on the overpass. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Two phase tender and award period, including preliminary design and drawings during the first stage
  • Due to the public nature of the project and Alliance structure, most of the public relations were handled ‘off site’ by consultant Communikate
  • Monthly newsletters were distributed to local residents and businesses to ensure they were aware of future construction activities
  • High volume of traffic in and around the construction site. Detailed traffic management plan put in place with no traffic related incidents recorded attributed to construction activities. 

The project was successfully delivered 3 months ahead of schedule.