Maroochy River Bridge Duplication

Contract Value: $30M

A pilot project in conjunction with QLD Department of Main Roads to utilise the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) form of contract delivery. In cooperation with the bridge designers KBR and Superintendent GHD, the project consisted of the construction of a new 13 x 31m span bridge, and the widening of the existing Maroochy River Bridge. The project was successfully delivered 13 weeks ahead of schedule. 

The new bridge has a deck width of 17.1m to provide three lanes of southbound traffic and an off-road pedestrian and cycle path on the downstream side of the structure. The project included design and construction of a 100m noise barrier with an architectural feature consisting of ‘whalebones’ with a fish design glass noise barrier panels. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Two types of foundations used on the project. 550mm octagonal driven piles (for land based piers and abutments) and 1500mm diameter bored piles with permanent steel liners (for the water based piers)
  • Each of the 13 spans consisted of 8no x 31m long x 1500mm deep super T girders, weighing up to 56t with 180mm cast insitu deck
  • Steel launching truss system used to erect girders over the water
  • Dual crane lifts used for land based spans
  • Project well received by community, receiving regular positive feedback for positive community engagement throughout the project
  • No significant environmental incidents, despite working in environmentally sensitive waterway with mangroves, fish species and acid sulphate soils.

This project was awarded the 2009 Queensland CCF Earth Awards Category 4 for excellence in civil construction.