Telegraph Rd Open Level Crossing Replacement

Joint Venture: Bielby Holdings & JFHull Holdings

Contract Value: $30.8M

The Telegraph Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project involved constructing a new four lane, three span road-over-rail overpass bridge and removing the level crossing and boom gates at the existing Telegraph Road open level crossing. The aim of the project was to improve safety by separating road from rail, reducing traffic congestion, increasing passenger and freight rail efficiency and improving pedestrian and cycle links in the area.

Allowances were made for the preservation of a six lane road corridor for Telegraph Road, a future fourth rail line and the future extension of the Northern Busway.

The original package of works was expanded to include widening Telegraph Road from 2 to 4 lanes between the open level crossing on Telegraph Road through to east of Norris Road, as well as upgrading the Telegraph Road and Norris Road intersection.

download Time lapse footage of the installation of Span 2 of the Telegraph Road bridge over the rail way line can be viewed here. Footage courtesy of crane supplier Universal Cranes. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Bridge consisted of three spans, each containing 17 no. 1800mm deep super tees, in excess of 37m length and 80t 
  • Foundations were 1200mm dia steel lined bored piles, to maximum depth of 24m
  • 10m wide blade piers parallel to the bridge were designed for a collision load of 3000kN
  • Works were completed within the QR rail corridor and involved co-ordination with QR and works carried out during limited time rail closures
  • Good working relationship maintained throughout project with surrounding stakeholders and community, including adjacent shopping centre and local residents
  • No significant environmental issues encountered
  • Detailed traffic control plans were imperative for the project due to the location within several housing estates and adjacent shopping centre. Safe access for commuters and pedestrians was maintained through the project area with minimal inconvenience