Port of Brisbane Car Precinct Flyover – Fisherman Island

Contract Value: $8M

JF Hull joined with CW-DC Pty Ltd for this design and construct project for the construction of a 15 span bridge. The bridge was part of the relocation of imported car storage from Hamilton to Fisherman Island and joined Wharves 1 and 2 to the Whimbrel Street Car Precinct. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Fisherman Island is a reclaimed site with imported sand over soft clays. Settlement of approaches was a significant issue; overcome using surcharging in conjunction with pile raft to offer a no settlement solution
  • All works completed with Port Drive (main road in and out of the Port) open at all times. Involved construction of side tracks and extensive traffic staging during service relocation. Traffic diversions had to be designed to accommodate 30m long Super B double trucks
  • Bridge passed over QR’s Fisherman Island train depot, with 5 train lines. 3 piers were constructed on QR property which involved extensive coordination with QR personnel and sheet piling required to achieved excavations within the site restraints. 
  • Relocation 140m of 300 DICL storm water main
  • Relocation of approximately 140m of 100 PVC sewer rising main
  • Installation of Telstra infrastructure, copper and fibre optic and street lighting to accommodate new roundabout. 
  • Significant amount of roadworks for the approaches – 44m diameter roundabout
  • Impact of project minimised by controlling sediment with silt traps, minimal overall impact to surrounding environment
  • Excellent outcomes for all stakeholders including, Port of Brisbane, Queensland Rail, Graincorp and Seafarer’s Centre. Disruptions to Port users minimised by traffic management planning.