Eenie Creek Road – Stage 2A

Contract Value: $15.4M

Eenie Creek Road Project was an initiative between Queensland Department of Main Roads and Noosa Council. The project was necessary due to the growth and popularity of the Noosa area and the need for alternative routes to reduce congestion on busy main streets. 

The package involved construction of a 17 span reinforced, 527m length concrete bridge with prestressed girders and insitu cast concrete deck over Weyba Creek and environmental sensitive wetlands. 

Key features of this project include:

  • Bridge foundations consisted of 7 x 1500mm diameter and 30 x 1800mm diameter bored piles, with each pile permanently lined with 16mm thick steel liner
  • Variability of founding rock strata required geotechnical investigation to be carried out at each individual pile location in order to confirm final pile design, with rock sockets up to 10m in length
  • 72m long steel launching truss used to erect the Super T girders over the water. Girder lengths were 22m, 28m and 34m with the heaviest weighing 51t.
  • Aim was to minimise or prevent impact of construction activities on designated environmental elements throughout the project area, particularly the mangrove areas and potential Aboriginal cultural heritage within the area. 
  • Disturbances to local residents and the environment were minimised through innovative construction techniques

This project was awarded the 2006 Queensland Case Earth Awards Category 2 for Environmental Excellence.