Cooroy to Curra Section A Contract 2

Contract Value: $21.7M

The Cooroy to Curra Section A Contract 2 (Cudgerie Drive to Sankeys Road) project included construction of over 7km of new 4-lane highway, a new all-movements interchange north of Cooroy and new bridges over Skyring Creek, Gardners Road and Evan Thomas Road. The Principal Contractor for the project was Bielby Holdings with JF Hull Holdings being the major structures sub-contractor.

The project was part of the larger TMR Bruce Highway Upgrade (Cooroy to Curra) project which involves a 62km upgrade and realignment of the Bruce Highway, designed to meet strategic transport needs of the Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions well into the future. 

J.F. Hull Holdings work included construction of:

  • Twin 4 span super tee bridges over Skyring Creek. Overall bridge dimensions 125 m long x 15m wide with up to 15m vertical clearance to the creek. Spans up to 35m, with 7 units per span with largest super tee unit weighing 80t. Foundations consisted of 1200mm diameter bored piles to each pier. 
  • Twin single span super tee bridges at Northern Interchange. Overall bridge dimensions 30m long x 15m wide with 6m vertical clearance to road below. 4 span bridge with each span 7 super tee girders. Foundations mainly large pad footings (one with driven piles) 
  • Twin single span deck plank bridges at Evan Thomas Rd. 20m span and 15m wide. Foundations were 900mm bored piles
  • Reinforced concrete cantilevered barrier walls on the Bruce Highway
  • Drainage baffle structures for stormwater control.
  • Limited access to Skyring Creek bridge site meant the best erection method was with a 400t crawler crane. This required substantial temporary works and careful planning for the access and handling of the 80t girders. 
  • Skyring Creek native habitat for the Giant Barred Frog and Mary River Cod and considered an environmentally sensitive area. Due to strategies developed and implemented, the structures work was completed with minimal impact to the water way.